Yes, even if your groomsmen are all married, it still excels in the groomsmens gifts department because let's face it, we never impress our wives enough anyway, right? I have seen more than a few really exceptional wine accessory gift sets in my time, but I have never seen a wine bottleneck dripper stopper before. That's the un-official name of course - the official name is the "cool ring on the neck thingy. If you really want to know what you are doing, you and your guys need this set. It has a spout for concise pouring. Could you imagine if you tackled your $20 bottle of vino with a beautiful corkscrew, the ring on the neck thingy, the spout and then the handsome stopper (in case you're a lightweight and don't finish the bottle)? Not to be crude but if you unleashed all of this technology on your beloved it's a scientific fact that her clothes will melt off. I wish I could tell you I made that last part up, but as Ron Burgundy once said, "It's Science." Now hook up your favorite romantic tunes on your iPod and you've got an evening for the ages. Enjoy!

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