Figuring that first bit out is probably something better kept between you and your lover, but insurance is something we all can discuss. Insurance claims for canceled and postponed weddings have more than doubled in the last year rocketing up to 47.5% from its prior 22%, according to Debenhams Wedding Insurance. In fact couples were more than twice as likely to claim for their nuptials being called off as they were for damage to the bride or groom's outfits, which, coming in at 20%, was the second most common reason for a claim. The other claims came out over supplier bankruptcies, damaged and stolen wedding-wear/ware, and car troubles. Holding true to ensured love though, the group doing the insurance study did find that although wedding cancellations and postponements had soared it wasn't because the couples had suffered a change of heart, but rather because a close relative was too ill to attend the ceremony. Or at the very least something along those lines. What this is all boiling down to is go ahead and postpone the wedding, but try and do it soon! At least before the insurance companies start messing with the coverage. All this makes us wonder if your bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts are covered under these policies