A Personalized Kind Of Friend

While Terminator Salvation heats up box offices this summer, Personalized Lock-Back Knife is staying cool in his sleek and sexy chrome cover.

But this is no surprise. Personalized Lock-Back Knife - or just "Lock-Back" for short, is one cool cat. Even if orange and magenta are the vogue colors this summer, Lock-Back won't be worried about his silver coveralls. A chill tamale like Lock-Back doesn't sweat that sort of stuff.

Lock-Back is the friend you wish you had. A guy who fixes everything in your house because he likes to help. Lock-Back doesn't just personify Mr. Fix-It, he defines it. Lock-Back Knife would never act without your best interests in mind. He'd never steal your Volkswagen and smash it into a highway pile on. He doesn't have the appendages for such a deed. And even if he did have arms, Lock-Back Knife would never think of doing something so reckless. Lock-Back is way too sharp for such idiocy - and far too personalized.

In fact, Lock-Back doesn't think much at all, he just 'is', like an enlightened Zen Master or a Yogi Berra joke.

Make a friend of Lock-Back this summer. He's a great Groomsmen Gift. As for Lock-Back, he won't mind being given away. In fact, he'll be flattered.

You'll be happy you made friends with Lock-Back at the annual camping trip, or when you need a hand with the day-to-day issues that come up around the house. You'll be amazed at how handy Lock-Back is to have around.

However you cut it, a Personalized Lock-Back Knife is the perfect summertime companion.