You ever have one of those days at the office where nothing goes right? You know like Bill Murray in Stripes when he lost his job, his car, his apartment and his girl and the only thing he can say is, "And then depression set in." I know you've had those days. We all have. It's a moment when even a non-drinker says on his subway ride home, "Man I need a drink." Of course, you don't normally drink, so you wouldn't normally have a flask with you. Why would you? You're only a social drinker. Most of us only drink socially, yet we occasionally have those crappy days where by the time you get home have to change your clothes to go out to a suitable bar to have that drink, your depression has already turned to anger and then you're no fun to be around at all. For those infrequent moments we'd like to introduce you to the Personalized mini bar to-go set. Not only is this mini bar to-go unobtrusive and almost undetectable, we think it's great for the guy who has a pressure filled job and just occasionally needs that valve released. Just enough to get the edge off, not enough to share with the jealous faces he'll share the subway with.

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