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Touchdown! It's football season and time for tailgating. If you're planning a fall wedding, stake out the stadium parking lot for your bachelor party. Tailgate parties may not have Vegas' glitz, glam, or scantily clad women, but they are fiance pre-approved. And you can always hit the clubs after watching the Big Game. Note: host your tailgate bachelor party the Saturday or Sunday a week before your wedding, never the day of; overtime could get you left at the alter. Here's how to throw the ultimate tailgate party and thank your best men with sports-themed groomsmen gifts. Remember the three "b"s: blankets, burgers, and beer.
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There's No Place Like Home

Tailgators strive to make their parking spot look just like home. Bring blankets and your favorite recliner. Place camping chairs around a portable radio or TV (don't forget batteries). The only thing missing? The bar! Set up a cooler with football beer steins and coasters for your guests. Or go all out with personalized pub signs. Bonus points if the sign lights up!

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Groomsmen Gifts for Grilling Out

Tailgate parties were made for outdoor cooking - as long as the menu includes meat! Sausages, burgers, and steaks, oh my. Before your next tailgate bash, stock up on grilling gifts for groomsmen. For festive party fare, brand burgers with your favorite player's initials using this custom steak brand. And there's no better time than a tailgate party to present those personalized hip flasks. Or wash down the chips and dips with whiskey held in these NFL shot glasses of course.

Groomsmen Gifts for Pre-Game Entertainment

Before the game begins and during halftime, provide pre-game entertainment. True tailgaters prefer dominoes, but any game will do. Another popular pastime is tailgate trivia - write down your favorite sports trivia questions and ask your groomsmen for the answers. Play tailgate trivia before the beer sets in so the game is fair. And to earn major kudos, give the winner a prize.

Finally, football-themed gifts that won't have your groomsmen calling for an audible! For more great sports-themed gifts and bachelor party accouterments, shop Groomstand.