Last week I was the best man at an outdoor wedding... and it was HOT outside. We're talking unseasonable, 95 degrees in the shade hot. It was so hot out there that my dad had to go to the car and change because he soaked through two shirts. So you can just imagine what it was like for us groomsmen to stand perfectly still in a rented solid black wool tuxedo. Since I had a river of sweaty slime crawl down my back throughout the reception, here's some advice to deliver groomsmen gifts to keep your boys cool on your big day.

The Groomsmen Gift of Cool Fashion

Who told you that you must absolutely wear a heavy ass, black wool tux to a summer wedding? If you're wedding is during the hottest months of the year, do your groomsmen a favor and choose to rent a tux that is temperature appropriate. Materials like cotton and linen are great because they're breathable, which keeps you cool and it keeps the stink down from your sweaty arm pits.

Since black tuxedo jackets are not normally made from 100% cotton, try to find one with a wool/cotton blend - or any blend for that matter. This will bring down the overall weight of the clothing, which should be physically noticeable when you're trying on jackets at the tux shop.

By the way, whose dorky idea was it to wear the multicolored tuxedo vest? Don't be sucked into technicolor dreamcoat at the tux shop - it's just for teenagers to make an ass of themselves at prom. Loose the extra layer and go with the long necktie or a bow tie for a classic and breathable look.

The other option is to choose a different colored tuxedo. You should be able to find white dinner jackets, gray or khaki colored suits. Remember, the more you veer off from the traditional, the more funky your wedding pictures might look in ten years. That might be a small price to pay when it's so hot that you question if you wet yourself because your legs are dripping with sweat.

When the Heat is Still Unbearable

Beyond finding a summertime tuxedo, there are only a few other precautions you can make to stay cool. You can try adding shade or fans at the altar, but knowing how much planning went into this day, the half-ass attempt to hold an umbrella over the groomsmen might not fly with the bride. Try icing up some personalized flasks and have the groomsmen stick them under their shirts.

After the reception, the heat can be too unbearable to stand. Set your boys up with groomsmen gifts of the Personalized Sit 'N Sip Cooler filled with ice and thrust-quenching beer. Complete with insulated pockets and a bottle opener, this personalized cooler will make you more than an awesome groom... it will make you a lifesaver.

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