It may be difficult thinking of what kind of gift to get your groomsmen to properly thank them for everything they have and will be doing for you to help with your marriage. Chances are they all enjoy something similar, but how does that translate into giving a gift? Obviously you can't be giving them all computers and video games or cases of beer or anything like that. It's just too impersonal and simple. It's not Christmas time or their birthday, it's your wedding. There are all kinds of groomsmen gifts out there but it can be difficult finding the ones that have class and are, to put it simply, good gifts. As far as deciding on that gift usually means looking that one step ahead from your first thought. For example, if they like drinking, instead of beer get them a personalized stein. If they enjoy puffing cigars you can go the step beyond and get them a personalized humidor for them to keep it in. When it comes down to it though, you know your friends best, choose something that fits them (a little hint: personalizations can go a long way in making a gift special and more appreciated). But even if you know what gift they'd really like don't try and write off your groomsmen gifts, namely if they're single.