Groomsmen Gifts and More for Debate Parties

Have your parents ever told you never to talk politics at the dinner table? This rule likely stems from a particularly heated Democratic vs. Republican food fight. Throw a debate party and find out if dinner plates and political discussion can peacefully coexist. But don't invite THAT guy - you know, your one friend who is so passionate about politics he gets red in the face if he sees a certain someone on TV. Only invite people that agree on the important issues or can discuss the election calmly.

The 2008 election features a cast of characters: Sarah Palin, John McCain, Barack Obama and what's that guy's name again? Oh yeah - Joe Biden. Instead of hosting another stuffy dinner party and talking about the current mortgage crisis (blah), invite your groomsmen over for a political party and watch the upcoming debates. According to CNN, there are three debates scheduled this fall: September 26, October 7, and October 15. And don't forget about the Vice Presidential debate on Oct. 2. Watching Obama face off with McCain makes Ultimate Fighting seem dull. Read on and find out how to make your political debate party better than last year's Superbowl soire. Hint: LOTS of snacks.

democratic donkey.jpg

Be the Moderator, not the Instigator

Remember, you didn't invite your friends over for a political intervention. Let your guests know the evening will be fun and informative - all opinions welcome. If your groomsmen get fired up over certain issues, don't yell "you're an fool...get out!" Hold a mock election before the candidate showdown. Afterwards, count the votes and see if the debates changed your guests' views at all. Promote healthy political discussion and don't let the drinking get out of hand.

If you invite guests of all political persuasions (and we hope you do), be prepared for heated discussions. To lighten the mood, show "Saturday Night Live" clips during intermission. Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin will make anyone giggle - Democrat or Republican. Sarah Palin even laughed at the spoof!


Get Political with Food, Attire, and Groomsmen Gifts

No matter if your guests are liberal, conservative, or somewhere in-between, everyone can agree on food (unless of course, it involves fair trade). Don't skimp on snacks. Serve classic American fare, such as cupcakes, chicken wings, burgers, and chili. Go with obvious decor: red and blue cups, plates, napkins, banners and balloons. Or make your party a hit with a political pinata! Get one of each and let your guests bash the party of their choice. Destroying a pinata gets rid of pent up aggression and the last pinata standing represents our next President. Ok, maybe not, but it's a fun thought.


Don't stop there. Make your fare extra festive with these Democratic and Republican steak brands. Serve your Republicans tasty t-bones branded with their favorite animal - the elephant. And for Democrats? A tiny tofu burger should do. Anyway you cut it, there's nothing more American than politically branded meat!

uncle sam.jpg

As for attire, on the invitations request that your guests come clothed in red or blue. Don't dress like Uncle Sam unless it's Halloween, he's frightening. If you have a few independents in the mix tell them to vote for Obama give them the option of wearing green or purple. You'll find hilarious political tee-shirts at CafePress and fun Donkey ties and hats on this political blog. And get kids into politics early on with this adorable political baby tee.

Whether you're a die-hard Democrat or rabid Republican, host a debate party and find out if politics can be discussed at the dinner table. Warning: mention global warming, welfare reform, or health insurance and you might end up with a fork in your forehead. May the best candidate win!