Winter's rolling around again guys, which means the backyard parties are wrapping up. Obviously that doesn't mean the end of them, just that they're moving inside. That does mean it's time to start working on getting the bar supplies stocked and ready, whether it's for you or as gifts for your groomsmen. They've got to have the complete setup for the barroom though, we're talking rustic-style wall signs to give it that authentic pub look and feel, and personalized glasses for their favorite drink would fit right in there too, whether its martinis or brews. They might also be an on the rocks kind of guy in which case they'd need some glasses for that, personalized for some extra class while you're sipping scotch. The drinks will need to be stocked too, but the groomsmen can probably take care of that. A personalized shot glass would be a good accent to a bottle though. Yes sir, these homegrown bars will be stocked and ready for any drinking occasion.

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