Alright so apparently this happened, but you all can relate to the situation somehow. Anyways, it's a huge wedding with 300 guests and after the wedding reception, while everyone is still sitting at their tables, the groom gets up on stage and grabs the microphone. He's courteous and thanks the guests and family for coming, some from long distances, to support them on their wedding day. He gives special thanks for the bride's and groom's families for coming. He goes on to tell everyone that he's giving them a gift to show his appreciation of their support and that they can find it under their chairs. Everyone reaches under and pulls out a manila envelope with an 8x10 of the bride screwing the best man. Apparently the groom had been suspicious weeks before and hired a private investigator to follow them around. No groomsmen gifts for that guy! After the guests had all pulled them out and had a chance to understand what they were seeing, the groom turned to his wife and then his best man, giving each of them a "F**k you" before he bounces out of there. He got the marriage annulled the next day. How awesome is that, takes his cheating wife and best man and embarrasses them in front of everyone with a well planned and executed plan, and what better way to throw that out into the world than with a personalized steel harmonica. That would have been the perfect exit, skipping away from a stunned and embarrassed gathering playing some catchy little tune. The best man probably could have done with one too, and possibly would have had one seeing as it's great for groomsmen gifts, except his tunes would be for later on when he could be whistling like one of those old lonely cowboys.