Brian Looks Like He Could Use Some Groomsmen on the Floor...Perhaps he Forgot to Get Them Groomsmen Gifts!

This isn't the best wedding dance, however it just may be the longest. This couple gyrated into Internet stardom with a few classic moves: the hustle, the robot, the chicken dance and even some we couldn't quite make out. The groom steals the show with his performance, but throughout the "Evolution of Dance," the couple appears out of sync a few times (uh oh, not a good sign for marriage). We're impressed that Brian and Katie had the energy for this epic dance. It looks like the couple could use a little help up there. Perhaps have one groomsmen or bridesmaid do one dance at a time? Maybe he didn't spring for those groomsmen gifts. Cheap groom strikes again!

Dancing with the Grooms rating: 7/10. We especially like the jig, although it should have been banned when Ashley Simpson did it the first time. PS. this Irish pub sign makes the perfect groomsmen gifts for your jig-dancing friends.

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