And Groomsmen Gifts for a Grizzly Movember

It's that time of year again. No, we're not talking about the holidays or the election. It's November, the month of mustaches. All during the month, we'll focus some of our blogs on facial hair. Movember is a mustache-growing charity event during November each year that raises funds for men's health. Like you care about men's health. Admit it, you just want to grow a cool 'stash, don't you?

GroomStand Gallery of Great 'Staches

my name is earl.jpg

Jason Lee. Your name is Earl? With that fabulous piece of fuzz, we now anoint you mustacheo. Kudos to Earl for not only pulling off a perfect 'stash but for rockin' Western wear and not looking like a hipster.


Tom Selleck. Once again, we're forcing you to gaze in admiration of the Tom Selleck 'stash: It's thick, it's beautiful, it's a legend. Either he waxes it with growth hormones or he's over flowing with testosterone.

mustache man.jpg
This guy. Not sure who this man is, but he belongs in a mustache hall of fame. Look at the way the mustache curls in perfect symmetry with the beard. That's no accident.
Moses. We believe the seas parted not for Moses, but for his facial hair. It took him forty years to grow this beard of biblical proportions. Must we say, the black mustache with the white beard is a nice touch.
Thumbnail image for salvador-dali-1.png

Salvador Dali. He might be the world's greatest surrealist painter, but his greatest achievement is a mustache that defies gravity. Sculpting a stash like this takes an artistic genius.

Groomsmen Gifts for a Grizzly Movember

As you can see from our gallery, the mustache makes the man. Whether you are celebrating Movember or not, keep your facial hair groomed not grizzly. Moses is the only exception. The man wandered through the desert for 40 years - he gets a pass. Here are groomsmen gifts to get your 'stash to Tom Selleck status.

Personalized-Mach3 -Razor-Badger-Brush,ed-Accents.jpg

There's something about an old-fashioned shave. This personalized MachThree Razor and soap dish is a great gift for the hygiene-obsessed guys. You know the type: the one with twenty-five different types of aftershave.

Every guy could use this luxe personalized manicure set. This groomsmen gift is a subtle hint to clean up before the Big Day. It's perfect if you want your best man to tweeze those unsightly chin and nose hairs but don't know how to tell him how.


For the guy on the go (Moses), this personalized Mac3 Razor works wonders. Now when he's on the road, he won't be mistaken for a panhandler.

Stay tuned for our next facial hair post. And while you're waiting for us to complete the blog, shop for personalized groomsmen gifts and more at GroomStand.