You're the groom and you're about to empty your bank account for a wedding with however many guests, gifts, a wedding ring, etc. All adding up to quite a bit, but true love has no price, right? Wrong, if you consider the bride price. What's that you ask? The bride price (aka the dowry) where the groom is expected to pay for his bride based on her "value" as a wife (somewhere between five and ten grand) still is practiced as demonstrated by the Hmong culture. Oh yea love is sweet isn't it. The Hmong aren't the only who practice this tradition though. Dowries and bride prices date back in text as far as King Hammurabi of Mesopotamia and can still be found in other cultures and religions around the world. However some places like India have moved past the monetary marriage atonement where it was considered a social evil and cast down in the early 20th century. In today's world though it all boils down to a matter of opinion and firmness in beliefs and traditions on whether money gets passed around and how much of it. It might be more the opinion of the brides parents, but don't worry, it's a wise investment. Still, some advice for you Hmong grooms, remember to spend wisely, you won't know what lump sum will be leaving your wallet till you're getting married, so careful. The rest of you guys can go to town with the wedding, ring, and groomsmen gifts though, you're up at least $5,000!