Submitted on 12/26/07 It is December 8th. New York City, 4:00. 9,000 people gathered at Rockafeller Center. 150 ice skaters swirling around. The rink clears. Our song plays. Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. Dave takes Suzanne's hand. She knows. This is it. "You have to wait to the end of the song" he teases. We skate. We talk. We joke. "If I fall we'll be on YouTube on Monday". The 2nd verse starts. The crowd quiets. They pause in the middle of the rink. Dave takes out the little black box. Suzanne tears up. He lowers to one knee (on skates!). The crowd explodes. Suzanne takes off her glove and throws it behind her. He holds her shaky, bare hand. "Will you marry me?" "Yes!" They embrace, the crowd erupts again. Skating off, Suzanne's mom and brother at the exit - video camera in hand. Surprise! My fiance definately earns a nomination for Marrying Man of the Month!! Think you've got what it takes to win the title "Marrying Man of the Month? Submit your story today!