Marriage is a time-tried tradition that has lots of baggage to go with it, namely a ceremony to consummate the relationship in the eyes of the couples' friends and family. They are lovely occasions that have an amazing atmosphere, that of two people promising their lives to each other. Being there for that moment is equally as moving, but in this day and age of technology what really is attendance? You are now able to webcast your weddings for guests that are unable to attend. The problem with that is how much does it really show you care for the couple that invited you to share in what might be the happiest day they'll ever have? In the past couples have distributed wedding videos after the fact and those, though fun to watch, obviously don't hold the same emotions and atmosphere as the wedding itself. So how is watching a live digital wedding better? And is it rude to not go and just watch the cast when it costs the couple hundreds more? We'd like some feedback on this, where do you stand?