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Ever since our dads let us sneak that first sip of beer (without mom finding out) we were in love. Some say beer is an acquired taste, but true beer loyalists were in love the moment that first golden drop hit our tongues'. Thanks, Dad. If your buds like the suds, take a look at our groomsmen gifts for beer drinkers.

The Perfect Pint Begins with a Pub Sign

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The pub has long been the center of social life for beer drinkers. But going out to the neighborhood pub is overrated. It's nearly impossible to savor the suds with a bunch of rowdy strangers yelling at the television. Hang a personalized pub sign outside your man cave and turn it into a hangout for the boys. Then, join a beer-of-the-month club and sample gourmet brew from around the world.

Brewery Tour with your Buddies

Think beyond the salacious bachelor party. Touring a microbrew with your buddies is utopia for beer snobs. Before the festivities begin, give your brew-lovin' buds, these pilsner glasses for groomsmen gifts. Make sure you have a designated driver!

Beer Steins: The Best Groomsmen Gifts for Heavy Drinking

Every beer drinker needs a hefty stein in his cabinet. That way, when October Fest comes around, he's prepared. This monogrammed stein makes a great groomsmen gift for the guy who likes to drink all-year round. If he's more of a can man, this personalized NFL can holder to hold his liquor while he's watching the game.

It's easy to find groomsmen gifts for beer drinkers. Now, if he's a wine guy, that's a different story. Check out our engraved glassware and barware if you and your best men like to knock back a few on occasion. You'll find groomsmen gifts for your beer-lovin' buddies and other gifts for guys as Groomstand.