Looking for groomsmen gift ideas for the life of the party groomsmen can be daunting, considering he is the host who has everything. But don't worry, Groomstand has you covered! For this generous and spontaneous friend who is always good for the random Vegas trip and let you crash at his pad when the bride threw you out during the Great Reception Music Dispute, here are a couple of groomsmen gift ideas for the man's man who's still in touch with his college lifestyle.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas for the Perennial Bachelor

Art Form Money Clip and Wallet. The Life of the Party is always a Big Spender, partially because his bachelor pad is often located in his mother's basement. At any rate, showing everyone a good time is his mantra, and this artsy money clip makes it easy for him to whip out his wad and spring for another round. The perfect clubbing accessory, he can hold his ID, credit cards and cash, and won't have to worry about bringing a bulky wallet. Bribing the bouncer at the door is easy with the Art Form Money Clip!
Personalized Pub Signs. If you are looking for groomsmen gift ideas that will promptly launch you into the Brotherhood of Great Grooms, personalized pub signs are the way to go. These wildly popular groomsmen gifts can be personalized with your buddy's moniker, from full names, to team names and nicknames. Customize further with his favorite pastimes, ethnic background, or preferred stomping grounds. From a Tiki bar motif to a cabin in the woods, there is a personalized pub sign for everyone who likes the idea of "owning" his own bar.
Grand Pilsner with Pewter Medallion. Beneath their gruff exterior, male bonding and pride is extremely important to the Life of the Party. This is the guy who is a staple at every manly pastime, from sporting events to camping trips. He lives for his buddies, and likes to be acknowledged for his loyalty and establishes place in the pack (although he would never admit it). That's why these groomsmen gifts bearing the "groomsmen" distinction are a perfect choice for the Life of the Party. Both sentimental and sinful, this Pilsner glass is perfect for pouring a cold one and reminiscing over past adventures.The glass is always full when you are drinking with the Life of the Party!
Personalized Smoke Shop Sign. Nothing says celebration like a fine cigar, so if the Life of the Party is bawling like a proud papa on the day they give you away from the clutches of bachelorhood, help smooth things over when you give these poker.jpgPersonalized Poker Sets. For the Life of the Party, the biggest concern is that there will still be plenty of opportunities for guy's nights after the garter is tossed. Allay his fears with groomsmen gifts that celebrate a premiere male bonding pastime: poker! These personalized poker sets are just the thing to ensure that weekly guy's nights bluffing, bonding and robbing one another will still be in the cards.

Now that I've got all these great groomsmen gift ideas, what do I do?

Great question! Find the groomsmen gifts that caught your fancy, order them in a snap on GroomStand.com, and go back to couch-surfing. Aint life grand?!