Your groomsmen and you have been together since your school days, but that's no excuse for looking like grungy teenagers when standing at the altar. Grooming for your wedding is an important step that not only makes yourself look confident and handsome, it gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the moment. Take this opportunity to bond with your groomsmen with some groomsmen gifts that will make you all look your best.

What the Bride Goes Through

Did you know that brides take a full day weeks before their wedding to make a "run through" with a professional hair and make-up artist? This goes a little overboard in the guy handbook, but it does make a standard to what you should live up to on the big day.

Finding a Man Spa

Not surprisingly, the market for the male spa is growing. If you live near a city, it's easy to find these male grooming sanctuaries complete with their mahogany floors and overstuffed leather seats. I know what you're saying, you're right - they are expensive. You could likely get the same kind of service at a spa or stylist for a significantly less money, but you'll be trading the ambiance and their ace in the hole "the perfect shave."

The Straight Edge Razor

There is no better "man moment" than when the barber chair is tilt back, the warm towel slides off your face and you feel the warm, rich lather of shaving cream right before your professional shave. It's one of those things you have to do at least once in your life. To find one of these places, try searching for 'professional shave' in your area or another option is to visit The Perfect Shave, which seems to have upscale shave specialty shop in most major cities. Be looking to spend about $50 on a shave and a haircut (they're sure to throw in some extra stuff like a scalp massage and drinks).

If shaving at home is more your thing, you can still share the moment with your best buddies with personalized gifts of this Personalized Mach3 Razor & Badger Brush on Chrome Plated Stand. The act of shaving is a zen-like activity. When you do it yourself, make sure your doing it right by reading the Guide to a Close and Comfortable Shave.