When it comes to weddings, the bride gives the groom complete control over three things: picking the groomsmen gifts, planning the bachelor party (if she lets him have one), and the groom's cake. If you never heard of a groom's cake, take a look at our groom's cake gallery. Here are grooms cakes for geeks, hunters and sports fans, Homer Simpson types, and the world's worst cakes just for fun. Bon appetit!

Best Grooms Cakes for Geeks:

mario cake.jpg
Is there a better love story for geeks than Mario and the Princess? Look at how cute they look at top of the castle! This geeky groom's cake comes from the WeddingBee.
Thumbnail image for videogamecake.jpg
Now you can have your XBOX and eat it too. Most women only dream about smashing the XBOX; this bride got to take her frustrations out on the cake. Sweet.
Thumbnail image for cake wrecks Wall E.jpg
From CakeWrecks.com, this Wall-E masterpiece takes the cake for being the geekiest and the most amazing. There is some serious food art going on with this cake. But who wants to eat Wall-E?

Best Grooms cakes for Hunters and Sports Fans:

groomstand cake head.jpg
Another hilarious groom's cake disaster from CakeWrecks. Nothing says "I'm getting married" better than a severed head in a helmet. Do you think he has helmet hair? Creepy.
camo cake.jpg
We hope there's not a live duck hiding out in this groom's cake. This camo cake comes from Who Made the Cake.
dogs playing poker cake2.jpg
Remind you of someone? You and your groomsmen perhaps? If so, think about getting your "dogs," personalized poker sets for groomsmen gifts.
groom's cake deer head.jpg
New groom's cake rule: no cake should ever have eyes. Who wants to devour a cake when it's staring at you? Shudder.

Most Unhealthy Grooms Cakes:

donut hamburger cake.jpg
Instead of that cupcake tower your bride-to-be begged for, why not pick donuts for your groom's cake? In the immortal mumblings of Homer J. Simpson, "mmm...donuts." Here we have a donut-burger concoction. If only the baker could incorporate beer!
donut cake.jpg
If you have a favorite donut in mind, giant-size it for your groom's cake. Check out this huge Krispy Creme replica. Does it have the same pillowy goodness as a real Krispy Creme? If so, we'll take two.
W2orst Wedding Cakes EVER:

bridal cake.jpg
Either this is a cake wreck or it is the most brilliantly crafted cake ever made. What happens when the bride and groom cut the top tier off and freeze it for their first year anniversary? Does the bride's head sit in the freezer for a whole year? Yikes.
This health hazard of a cake from TackyWeddings. Did it ever occur to the bride and groom that money carries germs? Think about where those dollars were before they ended up on the cake. Our bet: Vegas bachelor party. Shudder.
Thumbnail image for sushicakebig.jpg
We imagine the guests weren't pleased with this sashimi surprise. That's right, this rainbow cake is crafted entirely out of sushi! Whatever happened to fondant?

If you had your fill of tacky cakes, shop Groomstand for tasteful groomsmen gifts and more. Remember guys, don't make your groom's cake a replica of yourself or your bride. Unless of course, you're throwing a Halloween wedding.