What can be a better in the world of gifts than gifting really high-end, sophisticated items to help with the consumption of their favorite libations and expensive cigars? I can't think of anything better. In fact, if my grand dad was still alive and he laid his eyes on this ridiculously great looking Four-Piece Cigar & Bar Set he'd have been really impressed. I'd take it a step further and say that he would have likely had a conversation with my father about these that might have sounded something like this. "He's a good boy. Not a putz like you always call him. He offered me his flask which was filled with the good stuff, not the cheap-o well whiskey gut rot you always put in yours. Now who's the putz?!" Who indeed I think to myself. Who indeed...ah...I really wish ole Pop was alive right now. I can't think of anyone who I'd like to share a drink with more. Trust me on this one, your favorite guys will love getting these as gifts. It says, "You're important, and I know that you're important, and I want the people that come into your house to know that I know that you know that you're important." Most of all it really lets everyone know that you can't be a putz with taste like this. Cheers to the grand dads around the globe. And cheers to you.

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