What will they think of next? First the golf gods built us metal woods, which became titanium drivers and now they've invented a credit card sized device to give as groomsmen gifts or keep for yourself, engineered to hold your marker, divot fixer, groove cleaner for your irons and woods and last but not least it includes a ballpoint pen! We've seen a plethora of different unique and compact designs to hold our most valuable assets while we tour the links and give as groomsmen gifts, but this is just sheer ingenuity at its finest. After you've finished up eighteen with a birdie to win all the skins, you'll pull this slender and sleekly designed all in one card out of your pocket and use the lanyard hole to strap it to your bag. Great groomsmen gifts like this don't need to cost a fortune either. This heavyweight gift item carries a flyweight price tag, but Mister or Miss Golfer doesn't need to know that. They certainly wouldn't guess it by looking at it. Imagine chunking your approach shot or chili dipping your chip shot to the green -- normally you'd do a quick wipe with your golf towel to remove the turf, but now with a built in groove cleaner you can instantly have your irons gleaming before you chunk your next shot with them. How about the beauty of not having a pocket full of jingling pennies that you would normally use to mark your ball on the green? This is a real ball marker, fellas. Don't be too quick to lend it to the other guys in your foursome or you might not get it back -- your best bet is to spread the wealth by giving these as groomsmen gifts. If golf is their game then the tool logic golf card should most definitely be the name. Look forward to hearing your comments on this one. Not all golf groomsmen gifts are created equal and this one deserves to be mentioned.