If you think the chicken dance is weird (it is) wait until you see these wedding customs. Better buy your groomsmen top-notch groomsmen gifts or you risk kidnapping, public humiliation, or worse. Keep in mind that every wedding ritual comes from somewhere, but we think most are used solely to embarrass the bride and groom. Blackening the Bride In Scotland, the bride is kidnapped and covered with eggs, feathers, and other gooey substances. Then, she is paraded through town and into the local pubs. Warning: this video might cause a sudden flashback to hazing week. Stealing the Groom's Shoes Bengali weddings are elaborate, three-day affairs. And you thought planning for your one-day wedding was a nightmare! In Bengali custom, the bride's younger siblings and cousins steal the groom's shoes at the celebration. To get his shoes back, he has to pay the kids off promptly or go barefoot. Log Sawing Out of all the weird wedding traditions, German log sawing takes the cake. The bride and groom, (in formal wedding garb) must work together to saw a log in half. If they can do it without turning on each other, they'll look forward to a happy married life. The couple that saws together stays together! Break a Dish and Make a Wish As another German wedding tradition, friends of the bride and groom shatter dishes before the wedding and the couple cleans up the shattered pieces afterwards. This tradition prepares the couple for married life and gives them good luck. We think it's used to test the groom's domestic prowess. If he sits down and lets the lady clean up, it wasn't meant to be. But if he gets up with a broom, a good groom you'll see. Now that you know about the other wedding customs out there, the garter toss and dollar dance don't seem so bad. Neither does the stag party. In case your wedding party plans to kidnap and humiliate you, bribe them with groomsmen gifts and more from GroomStand.