You get your fantasy teams picked out as fast as they're ready to be made, so why not get the drop on picking your groomsmen too? We're not saying to rush into any decisions, but earlier is better in this situation (just ask your soon to be wife!). In fact a little story about a guy getting married and calling up one of his old school friends, who remembered him to be something of a big practical joker, and asking him to be best man shows just how important not rushing is. Anyways the best man got a hold of the groom's lottery ticket prior to the wedding and jotted down the numbers. He held onto them for his best man speech and announced that all of them as friends followed the lottery and he was going to read off today's winning numbers. So as he's reading them off the groom is really starting to get excited until finally he jumps up and yells "I'm rich!" and starts running around showing it off. His wife is excited too, congratulating him and telling him how happy she is that they are rich. The groom just asks "we're rich? No I'm rich, and I've been sleeping with your sister for the last two months!" as he runs down and grabs her sister's hand and leaves the reception. Basically sums up the idea to give thought to who you choose as groomsmen. Not necessarily ones that won't play a joke on you, but if you do just make sure not to make a fool of yourself or ruin anything. In fact if they do pull one you can get back at them with any gifts that might make a good inside joke. Getting your groomsmen personalized gifts would even let you throw a little message in there so whenever they use it they'll have to remember the joke. That's probably how any wedding day jokes would go so it's only fair!

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