Scotch, scotch, scotch... I love scotch. But, we all know you can't just bust out a bottle of scotch anytime you want to do your Anchorman impression. That is why we turn to the shiny, indestructible and timeless symbol of sippin' booze in public, the flask.

These time-honored groomsmen gifts found at are fantastic mementos to remember great times and wonderful friends, but do you know the origin of this pocket-sized mini-bar? Leave it to GroomStand to inject some knowledge in your melon as we journey through the history of the flask.

Way Back in the Day

The first accounts of the flask in history are during the Middle Ages, where it was common to gut pieces of fruit to transfer alcohol. In the 18th century, it was regular for women boarding docked British Warships to smuggle gin in improvised pigs' bladders sown into their overcoats. Obviously, this did not last, or else you'd be looking for the GroomStand tuxedo black pig bladder, complete with lapel straw and personalized stitching.

Prohibition and the Hip Flask

The flasks that we know today were popularized in the later 18th century, and are called hip flasks because of their contoured curve engineered to discreetly hug the hip. This was an important feature as the widespread use of the flask became popularized in the 1920's when prohibition made alcohol illegal in the US. It was thought that removing alcohol was good for society and heavily backed by Henry Ford, who was concerned about the influence alcohol had on the workforce. Prohibition was also backed because of the war movement at the time, since most of the beer companies were owned by German-Americans

Today, hip flasks are classic and tasteful groomsmen gifts. Most hip flasks are made from stainless steel, like this classic Textured Flask. Others have a chrome finish, like the Personalized Chrome Plated Flask with Cigar Holder, or some have a leather cover like the Personalized Black Leather Flask. Make your hip flask a perfect gift from GroomStand by engraving the recipient's initials with our free personalization!