Why is it that a flashy, Personalized Zippo Lighter and Flask gift set can bring a guy so much pleasure and excitement? Yet as far as groomsmen gifts go there's something about opening up this high-end, brushed finished dynamic duo that warms the cockles. If you really want to know why this happens, then I'll paint a picture for you. I remember my friend, Hasaan, from way back when. Hasaan had never touched a drink, didn't smoke, was a really good mama's boy that always took the high road. One day on a whim, a couple of buddies from work decided to do an overnighter in Vegas. Now good old Hasaan had never been to Vegas. He'd always been intrigued by the photos and the bright lights of the city and was really hoping he could tag along. Now I knew this was a bad idea. This sweet natured kid was going to get a 36 hour crash course in debauchery at its finest and I didn't want to be responsible. Hasaan assured me that his values and morals were impenetrable. Yeah...right...that was until he realized that if he sat down to gamble they didn't charge for drinks. So he sat down to experiment with the one-armed bandits and a beautiful girl wearing next to nothing sidled up to him and asked him if he'd like a drink. "How much is a scotch?" - "It's on the house, honey." Well, that was the beginning of what led to a photograph I took at five am that would have killed this kid's poor mother had she seen it. I wish you could have seen the photograph. In it you'd have seen Hasaan filling a Las Vegas flask (that he bought with his gambling earnings) with free booze from the casino bar, while a three quarter burned cigarette smoldered from between his lips. His eyes were half closed, bloodshot, but he had a strange and peaceful smile on his face. It was one that would warm the cockles...just like this excellent groomsmen gift.

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