We've told you time and time again how to pick out groomsmen gifts. But forget about the groomsmen gifts, what about bride and groom gifts? You registered with your fiancee, right? Here are five weird wedding gifts that prove registry is the way to go.

Beyond Groomsmen Gifts: Five Weird Wedding Gifts

Monkey Cake Topper - You spend hours picking out the perfect cake. Then, Aunt Bessie, who never misses a garage sale, bestows a tacky cake topper to the bride and demands it crowns your exquisitely modern wedding cake. Lice-picking bride-and-groom monkeys are never cute. Nor do they make your $500 cake more appetizing. If you receive a garish gift for your shower or engagement party "accidentally" drop it. GroomStand hint: To intercept a replacement gift, don't tell crazy Aunt Bessie about the "accident" until right before the wedding. Tandem Bike - Riding in tandem is a metaphor for married life. Cute wedding gift? No way. More like argument inducing. Picture newlyweds screaming at each other as they traverse down a trail. Or arguing about who is the backseat driver and when to stop for directions. Separate bikes add stress-free joy to the couple's life and they won't feel like "that couple". You know, the pair who jaunts to the grocery store in matching jogging suits. Toilet for Two - Despite popular belief, married couples should not share everything. The TwoDaLoo flushes romance but promises more "quality" time together. The word "quality" is open to interpretation. GroomStand Hint: under no circumstances get this for your best buds as groomsmen gifts, even if they happen to be roommates. Adam and Eve Photos - Bride and groom's heads painted over Adam and Eve. Perverse or mantel-worthy? We're going with perverse. No dinner guest wants to eat near a nude portrait of their friends - even with those strategically placed fig leaves. Register for a vintage pub sign, chapel sign, or wedding frame instead. And if you do receive the painstakingly hilarious Adam and Eve, place it in the closet and whenever the bad-gift giver comes over, bring it out. Hopefully, your groomsmen gifts won't share the same fate. Fundies - Undies for two! There's nothing like unwrapping a present that looks like monogrammed hand towels and finding fundies - underwear for two - inside. Not only are fundies over-the-top, it's so Not Funny if they don't fit. Furthermore, most couples don't even like to share a blanket, why would they enjoy fundies? Bad wedding gift. Definitely a bad groomsmen gift. Most couples would rather receive grilling accessories than fundies. Any wedding gift that won't cause the couple to flush with embarrassment will do. What goes around comes around. Hopefully, none of these weird wedding gifts lurk in your future. Get an idea of what you want in our gifts for the groom section. Or continue shopping for those groomsmen gifts at GroomStand!