Strippers and bachelor parties go together like two peas in a pod. But for those of us new to the bachelor party scene, it's a little tough to find out how to acquire some adult entertainment. While a stripper can take the top of the list of groomsmen gifts, you have to be careful when you're finding one.

Talking to adult entertainment companies

Strippers, or people who supply strippers, are sometime not the most reputable folk. Think about it. People don't like to take off their clothes for cash because they like to be social. Put some effort into finding a good company. Here are some tips:

  1. Call around. If you want to work with a professional business (and since you're bringing a stripping stranger into your home, it might be a good idea) most of these companies are found in the phone book or online.
  2. Some companies may have a policy that you have to book the entertainer over the phone during your initial call. This is an empty threat. It also means these guys can be super shady.
  3. Get the deal in writing. If you plan on working with a company, make sure there is a written contract sent to you by email or fax. This is also a great place to get a good estimate of what the "show" will consist of before hand.
  4. Find out what your stripper looks like. You won't get anything like our old naked guy at the top of the page, but sometimes these companies send a lower-than-expected product to your doorstep. You can either: pay the fee and send her packin' - or - bust out your groomsmen gifts of Personalized Brush Metal Flasks, and drink that unnecessary armpit hair away.
  5. Check ahead of time if photographing or filming is above the board. Most of the time it's not. The last thing you need is an angry, half-naked stripper... or way worse, her big mean bodyguard taking the camera away.

Another great bachelor party tip

Bachelor Party Confidential recommends to put your best man on point for the party. It's his job to keep your groomsmen in line. It's cool to have fun, but if all hell breaks loose, the stripper will bail at a moments notice. Otherwise, have a good time and enjoy your last moments of bachelorhood.