Add your own delicious spin to a wedding tradition

The groom's cake is a longstanding wedding tradition dating back to the 17th century. In the last 300 or so years, the tradition has been tailored to suit nearly every region and culture.

The groom's cake was originally a darker fruit style dessert served without icing. Over time, the cake evolved into individually wrapped sweet treats that wedding guests would receive as wedding favors. There's even some folklore associated with the groom's cake. In the southern US, single women are believed to dream up images of their future husbands if they place a piece of the coveted cake under their pillow the night of the wedding.

Nowadays, the groom's cake can be whatever you want it to be! With so many cake styles to decide on, a groom's cake can be a traditional - and distinctive - addition to your summer wedding.

Pick a groom's cake that suits your personality, or design something totally off the wall. We've compiled a site list below of some great groomsmen cake designers for some added inspiration.

These wedding cake sites offer great cake design ideas if you decide to add a groom's cake to your wedding.

Finding, creating and ordering a tailor-made cake that suits your personality just right was never so easy!