The Associated Press (A.P.) recently published an article about "Fake Wedding Cakes For Thrifty Couples." I know you want to save money for important things, but c'mon. The idea is that budget minded and 'thrifty' brides and grooms put out a beautiful pretend, multi-layered cake while they serve a less expensive sheet cake from the back. Inside these faux cakes made by Fun Cakes in Grandville is plastic and foam. My first thought on this is, what a bunch of cheap-os! Throw down a few hundred bucks and get a nice cake that can be cut and served in front of the guests. Why try to fake it and go through that hassle? Everyone is going to know the cake is fake and then the bride and groom have instantly cheesified their wedding no matter how great the rest of the affair may be. Now...on second thought a fake cake would also leave more money to be spent on better groomsmen gifts. Now that is something I can definitely get behind. Lastly, a fake cake doesn't have to be handled quite as delicately, because if some careless person, or drunk best man (maybe groomsmen gifts of flasks weren't the best idea) accidentally stumbles into it and it goes crashing to the ground...who cares? The good stuff is in the back! The opinions can go either way on the fake cake dilemma, but we encourage your opinions and comments.

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