If only, there was a way to have a ridiculously fancy wedding without the ridiculous price tag. Everyone wants the best tuxedo, the classiest reception hall and the shiniest groomsmen gifts, but there's only so much a guy could can spend. Say goodbye to your budget sorrows because FunCakes will get you one-step closer to the wedding you could never afford.

Why Rent a Wedding Cake, you ask?

You already know the wedding cake is the centerpiece to any wedding. You also know wedding cakes are expensive, heavy and prone to damage from heat, children's fingers, and groom and bride cake smashing. Cakes are fun to look at, but they're not fun to destroy when all you can think about is the price tag. By the way, fondant tastes like Play-Doh. Skip the stress and save your own dough by renting a cake. FunCakes offers some fantastically gravity-defying cake structures made out of foam. Even though it's a fake wedding cake, each foam structure has a fondant frosting cover for that insta-cavity glossy finish.
tiffany cake.JPG
Instead of cutting the cake apart, each of these artificial cakes has a secret compartment to store a small tasty treat for the bride and groom to snack on. Otherwise, FunCakes recommends that you take the rental cake back to the kitchen and serve a delectable sheet cake to all of your guests. Trust me, no one is going to stand up and shout "You Imposter!" Don't try this with your groomsmen gifts or any other wedding accessory. Your buddies likely won't appreciate fake Rolex watches!

How Much Does a Rental Wedding Cake Cost?

If you order a cake from their pre-designed gallery, the model will start at $175.00, plus a fully refundable $200.00 safety deposit. Here are some of their most eye-popping designs:
frog cake.JPG
water fall cake.JPG
flower cake.JPG
If a custom theme is more your style, you can submit a two-dimensional drawing or three-dimensional CAD file to show off a special image or corporate logo. The basic three-tiered custom cake rental costs $275.00, plus the safety deposit.
puppy cake.JPG
Compare that to the average cost of a no-frills wedding cake at $534 according to The Bridal Association of America, you'll save more than enough to spring for some extra cool groomsmen gifts.