New news on the groom news front! Christ Evert and Greg Norman are engaged after less than a year apart from their now divorced long-time love partners; Norman ending his and Ms. Andrassy's marriage to the tune of $600 million in Florida's Martin County court in September, with Ms. Andrassy reportedly receiving almost half the $600 million fortune. Evert's past marriages include former husband Andy Mill, a World Cup and Olympic skier from Colorado, whom she divorced last December after 18 years of marriage. Prior to that she was married to British tennis player John Lloyd. But the divorces should be taken as a good sign, the couple knows what they don't want and what they do want, which should mean that this is a decision that will last (they don't have much time left anyways). Plus Evert is banking on the old third-times-the-charm bit. Things should go smooth, we'll keep you updated.