Seen an uprising in ugly ties as gifts? This article might be responsible. Recently the Colorado Springs Gazette did an article on an "Ode to the Ugly Tie." They started off by sharing a story about a best man who tricked his groom into thinking the dark brown, fraying tie with the ducks on it was a custom - the groom always wears something different than his groomsmen. What gifts do you get for practical jokers, we wonder? It wasn't until right before taking his vows did they let him in on the secret and give him the real tie to wear. Let's face it, there is an art to tying and wearing a tie and many of us guys don't have that talent mastered. How many times have you seen a heavy set guy with the super fat tie that is tied way too short and barely goes to his navel? Too many times, right. Well, if the wedding is on the way, then let us make some suggestions for awesome gifts for your boys this year. For starters, a Stayclip Collar Organizer will be a great gift, but also works as a useful everyday item for the handsome suit (that's what we call white collar guys these days). Add to that a handsome pair of Rhodium Cuff Links and you're well on your way to being the handsomest guy at the wedding, reunion, anniversary, and the office.

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