1. When you're trapped in that Las Vegas bathroom because an enraged bear stands poised outside your door, you'll be glad at least one of you is armed with more than a robe and your hotel's miniature shampoo bottle arrangement.
    2. All guys secretly think they're MacGyver. And MacGyver always had a pocket knife.
    1. Your groomsmen already have flasks from college.
    2. Getting them engraved pocket knives shows that you care about their safety.
    3. Getting them engraved lock-back pocket knives shows that you care about your safety.
    1. You don't have to go to Switzerland to get it personalized.
    2. That pocket knife your groomsmen got in the Cub Scouts is still covered in grape jelly and is so dull it couldn't cut through a ballpark frank.
    3. Mr. T pities the foo' who doesn't have one.
    1. They'll need something to cut the string when tying all those tin cans to the back of your car.
    2. Boys like knives. Guys like knives. Men like knives. Knives are forever.
    3. Crocodile Dundee had a knife. But get them one that won't get them arrested for carrying it around on the subway.
  1. Groomsmen knives are great for emergency tracheotomies at the reception.
  2. Because keychains are lame.
  3. Their Leatherman tool was confiscated by airport security on their way to the wedding.
  4. They'll stop using their car keys, teeth or any other sharp object conveniently available when they want to jimmy open whatever it is they're trying to jimmy open.
  5. A personalized pocket knife can be used as a form of identification in Atlantic City.
  6. The GI Joe movie is coming out this summer. A real American Hero always carries a pocket knife. Go Joe!
  7. And duh, if you lose it- people know who it belongs to. This also applies if someone tries to steal it!