Your groomsmen should have more of a part in your wedding than the bachelor party and the ceremony and it's important to make sure that they know what those responsibilities are (hopefully they're reading this too!). The groom has some of the responsibility too though, picking guys that are reliable, that are friendly, and above all good friends. Once they've been asked and have decided to participate the ball is in their court. A more detailed description of what should be expected can be found here, but we'll go ahead and give you a quick run down of what your groomsmen will be getting ready for: - Rent wedding attire per Groom's request and at your own expense. - Assists Best Man with planning and paying for the Bachelor Party. - Assist with picking out and paying for a gift separate from the one given to the Couple. - Helping with anything that needs to be done on the wedding weekend. Ask if there is anything you can help with. Insist on this. There will be plenty that needs to be done. - Pass out Bulletins or Programs. - Escort guests to pews and to the proper side of the ceremony room. - Escort bridesmaids in the ceremony procession and recession. - Ensure that the ceremony site in clean and nothing or no one is left behind. - Ensure that everyone has rides to reception. - Assist guests in anyway needed. - Seating Family Members in the appropriate arrangements so it runs smoothly between people. - Help guard and transport the wedding gifts. - What with all this your groomsmen will be doing too, another responsibility is given to the groom, gifts for his groomsmen. There are plenty of options, but something personal and something that captures a thanks for all the hard work is exactly what is needed. The rest is up to you.