Ask a guy what his favorite holiday is and he'll likely answer, "Thanksgiving," with his eyes half closed and drool hanging from his bottom lip. Think about it: what other holiday includes football, beer, a fantastic feast, and a nap? Thanksgiving is the ultimate man's holiday. This year, don't be a turkey. Give your guys groomsmen gifts that guarantee a happy Turkey Day.

Football-themed Groomsmen Gifts: A Touchdown on Thanksgiving

When Thanksgiving rolls around, Americans tune in for a day of non-stop football. Forget the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - get ready for some football! If your groomsmen have been known to watch 20 hours of football at a time, they'll appreciate these personalized NFL pub signs. Check out this humorous personalized locker room sign that puts your name on a jersey. And this personalized NFL can holder keeps the brew ice cold and lets everyone know which team he roots for.

Groomsmen Gift for Your Beer-Lovin' Buddies

Beer, the breakfast of champions. Thanksgiving gives beeracholics a reprieve from traditional drinking rules. On Thanksgiving, it is socially acceptable to drink before noon, drink alone, and drink in front of your 80-year-old grandparents. This Turkey Day, bring along a few groomsmen gifts to keep the beer cold and the good times flowing. These personalized glass tumblers are just begging for some amber ale. And every guy could use this classic pilsner set.

Calling All Cards: Gambling Groomsmen Gifts

After the football and the turkey feast, you have two options: take a snooze or ante up and hopefully, win some money for Black Friday shopping. This Thanksgiving, gather the guys who haven't succumbed to the powers of trictophan for a rowdy game of Texas Hold 'Em. GroomStand has an expansive selection personalized poker sets for all your groomsmen. These groomsmen gifts make dull holidays go by faster. And if you're not a fan of poker, check out this personalized domino set.

Finding gifts for your groomsmen is easy, at least compared to gift shopping for your fiance! Shop Groomstand for personalized groomsmen gifts and more for all the guys on your list.