Not quite the smooth talking character of Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson, nor nearly as fun loving, a Miss Kimberly Cooper wasarrested for crashing a wedding and stealing gifts given to the couple (at least she left the groomsmen gifts alone). According to News Channel 6, she apparently showed up with her daughter and then worked to blend in, going so far as to decorate the car and cut the cake, though she ate it before the bride and groom. She was quite the guest up until the rest of the gathering crowded around the couple and their cake, when she left and had her little 12-year-old grab all of those envelopes. Always one to celebrate it seems, she decided to go to Target and use the gift cards and money the day after. The bride and groom were of course upset when they found their gifts missing, but upon her arrest the police were able to grab all of the cards and Target purchases and return them to the couple. Honestly, psychos like her are the reason grooms and groomsmen need to be ready with their wedding crasher deterrents. They might want to kick back and relax after with a nice Churchill from their triple leather cigar case. Whatever the case just make sure to be on the lookout for these wedding creepers, or arm your guys with groomsmen gifts of engraved baseball bats. Just kiddingmostly.