The proof is in the pudding and the averages and statistics don't lie. Discovery has published their findings that men actually spend more money than women on weddings. Groomsmen actually spend an average of $1,009 on wedding expenses (which include pre-wedding festivities) while bridesmaids only spent an average of $963. The discrepancy isn't much, but that is hardly the point. It's simply interesting to note that in an industry that has historically always been known to celebrate "her big day" this writer finds it fascinating that men actually spend more money than women, and they're not even the ones buying the groomsmen gifts. And those numbers likely aren't tallying the the ATM withdrawals at the local strip club as groomsmen gifts are being passed out in the form of lap dances. Another interesting fact is that apparently only five percent of brides and grooms claimed that they would want crystal and china, long known as the big registration favorites. The big hit with brides and grooms in today's society is gift cards. It makes sense too, for while it may seem like an impersonal gift, much like giving cash, it also means that they can spend it on whatever they like, which makes sense to me. Apparently with men having as much interest in weddings as women and for more than just picking out groomsmen gifts and finding the best strip club for the bachelor party, there will be plenty of wedding spending for eons to come.

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