I actually think this might simply be a rouse to get more wedding gifts. Think about it. If you were to have two weddings, don't you end up with twice the amount of presents? And would you have two different wedding parties? How many groomsmen gifts are you supposed to buy, anyway? Jenny Barchfield (AP) notes in her article, "Some Couples Say 'I Do' several times" that with family and friends scattered across the globe, international couples will often times have ceremonies and receptions in their respective countries. If that's the case then do they celebrate two anniversaries a year? If they actually go through with two entire weddings then that's also twice the groomsmen gifts they have to purchase, so I hope they've kept that in mind. I guess I'm just lucky to have married a boring old American from Oklahoma. I can never be the stuck up guy that says to his friends at the country club, "Oh, you only had one wedding? Well, Bunny and I were married in the French Riviera with the prime minister serving as our clergyman and groomsmen gifts of Dom Perignon and then we traveled to Prague to get married so her stepfather, King Whachamadu and his side of the family could be there to celebrate the nuptials as well. Yawn...well, I liked my wedding at the bowling alley with the pigs in the blanket and the Cold Duck champagne personally.

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