Why tie the knot on the ground when you can say "I Do" 1,000 feet above the ground on the wings of a biplane? This article about British lovebirds and their wing-walk nuptials makes other "extreme" weddings seem like a walk in the park. Katie, 23 and her groom, Darren, 24, flew side-by-side harnessed to identical biplanes while the Rev. George Bringham, 67 soared ahead and married the couple over a communications system. Before heading into the heavens, the couple exchanged vows on firm ground. When it came time to say "I do," Katie and Darren took to the skies. Guests listened in from loudspeakers.
Given the windy conditions, we imagine the couple couldn't exchange rings or their first kiss as a married couple until they came back down to earth. No groomsmen or bridesmaids joined them in the skies. Maybe the wedding party is afraid of heights or maybe the groom didn't spring for those extra-special groomsmen gifts (shame)! To capture the spirit of the wing-walking couple, why not take the plunge aboard a hot air balloon? It's safer and slightly more romantic than wing walking. If you have thrill-seeking friends, like newlyweds Katie and Darren McWalters, check out these Groomsmen gifts for the adventurer.

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