(That's Right... Six Times)

Tired of wedding planning? There's a lot that goes into weddings: the epic search for groomsmen gifts, cake tastings, trying to stuff that ever-growing paunch into your tux. If you think that's exhausting, try it six times. Annette and Kenneth Lund of Vejle, Denmark jetted off to Vegas last month for a record-breaking four weddings in one day...and a funeral (we're joking about the funeral). It brings their wedding tally to six.

It all started out with wedding number one: a secret civil ceremony in 2005. "We sneaked off and got married without telling anyone," said Mrs Lund. "It was romantic because it was just two people in love."

Ostensibly, Mr. Lund felt like he missed out on something when he eloped. A year later, he proposed again and the couple threw the big church shindig of their dreams as wedding number two.

Four Vegas Weddings in One Day

Wedding number three took place in Vegas at the Venetian Hotel. Wedding number four was in a limousine with Elvis as the officiant. Wedding number five took place in a helicopter far above the bright lights of the strip. And for wedding number six, the couple jumped out of a plane and the ceremony was performed while skydiving.

The couple owns their own wedding planning business and don't plan to stop the weddings anytime soon. They plan on getting married once a year and recently investigated whether it's possible to marry on the Orient Express.

To all the guys who think a yearly wedding is a terrible idea, consider this: a yearly wedding means a yearly honeymoon. Wink Wink. Read the full article about the record-breaking couple.

Six Times the Groomsmen Gifts

You only have to get married once. But just in case you decide to compete with this record-breaking couple, we found six wild wedding ideas and some groomsmen gifts to match.

1. Bull Fighting Ring. Is there anything more fitting than this Tequila Pub Sign for the couple that ties the knot in a Mexican bull fighting ring?

2. Elope in Sin City. Nothing can top getting married in a helicopter above the strip. If you roll the dice in Sin City, give out these personalized poker sets for groomsmen gifts.

3. Sing it on the Mountaintop. Get married on a mountaintop and bring these lockback knives for survival.

4. Home Run Wedding. Tie the knot on homeplate at your favorite baseball stadium. If your fourth wedding takes place inside a baseball park, give your groomsmen these engraved baseball bats.

5. Jet Set to Paris. For your fifth wedding, jet set to Paris. Take along these travel accessories. And don't forget a gift for the bride. Ooh la la.

6. Touchdown.The ultimate wedding is on the 50-yard line at your favorite stadium. These NFL shot glasses are perfect for celebrating the moment when you break the Lund's record.

Better get started. You have a long way to go if you're going to break the Lund's six wedding record.