Tired of the usual? Check out these unusual groomsmen gift ideas

You've browsed the personalized pocket knives. You've perused the fancy fountain tip pens. But each time you look for those perfect groomsmen gifts your desire to avoid the usual lands you right back where you started. Sound familiar? Here at https://branddepot.com/collections/groomstand, we know how tough it can be shopping for just the right groomsmen gifts. If you're planning an Autumn wedding this year, the last thing you want to bestow to your groomsmen is one giant cliche of a present. That's why we've compiled a collection of great gifts for groomsmen that defy the norm. Present these unique pieces to your groomsmen at your upcoming wedding, and cherish the surprise on your friends' faces when they open these unexpected gifts:

Grill kits

Let's say he already owns a suite of grill accessories. Honestly, it makes no difference. True barbecue aficionados can always make due with a backup set. And what guy isn't a barbecue aficionado or at least thinks he is? Plus, with all the new stylings, (they have BBQ travel kits if your groomsmen like to "put another shrimp on the barby" when they're abroad) these grill kits will be appreciated by any guy they're bestowed upon.

Gym bags

If you know his duffle bag is desperately in need of replacement, consider gifting this handsome gym bag. This will be a nicer, newer substitute from the rotting bag he lugs around from high school. And it won't stink of b.o. like the one he currently owns.

Seasonal Gifts

Seasonal gifts add to the theme of your wedding - whatever time of year you decide to have your special day. If your upcoming wedding happens to fall on the drama and excitement of late September baseball, consider gifting a baseball accessory or bat. He'll love it, and it will tie in nicely with your autumn wedding theme.

Cigar Humidors

Your groomsmen may not smoke. It doesn't matter. A handsome looking humidor like the one pictured above adds a classy touch to any guy's living room. This gift makes a unique groomsmen gifting substitute if all you could think of gifting was another flask. Don't add to his dusty collection of flasks. Instead try the added interior decor of an attractive cigar humidor.

The one resounding tip from https://branddepot.com/collections/groomstand when shopping for groomsmen gifts this summer?

More personalized = More better

In fact, the more personalized you get, the more your gifts seem like they come from a friend and less like they're coming from that employee whose name you can't remember. That's a good thing, so stick with it when shopping for your groomsmen gifts this fall.