Remember that scene in "Knocked Up", when Pete went behind his wife's back to participate in that nerdy baseball draft? Poor Pete! We all know guys (especially married ones) long for male camaraderie. From boy scouts to fraternities to the mob, the boys-only club is an American institution. But now that you're married guys' night doesn't have to end. With a few groomsmen gifts and some creative ideas, you can start you're own cigar club and hang with the guys, without being as secretive as Tony Soprano.
cigar sign.jpg
Set up a Smokescreen Hate to say it, but she probably disapproves of your stinky cigar habit. There is nothing worse than going in for a kiss and catching a whiff of a stale Swisher. To appease your new wife and your best buds, designate one room as your man lair and take your stogies underground. Deck it out in wood paneling and Cuban furniture. Then, mark your territory with this classic pub sign. As an invitation into the brotherhood, enroll your groomsmen into a cigar of the month club. Or present club members with these personalized humidors and cigar holders as groomsmen gifts. Just don't forget the lighters!
Initiation Rituals What's any club without initiation? We definitely don't suggest anything as serious as a hell week hazing from your frat days, but do have a little fun with club initiation. Make your club members smoke the worst tasting cigar you can find. Or have them dress in classic Havana costumes for a night. Once all members have passed initiation, throw a party and pass out the latest issue of Cigar Aficionado and these cigar-related groomsmen gifts. Your buddies will be super proud to belong to the most exclusive club in town.
Cigars, Scotch, and Golf: A Debonair's Dream Although puffing stogies while shooting the breeze with your boys sounds entertaining, you'll need more than that to keep your buddies entertained. Nothing goes better with a premium cigar than premium scotch. Definitely have an endless supply ready for your guys and give out these flasks as groomsmen gifts, so you won't get stuck washing out their glasses. And if it's a sunny day, take a club field trip to the golf course. Cigar smoking isn't legal everywhere, but there is nothing wrong with a cigar in the car (unless of course, your new bride disagrees). For more cigar items and groomsmen gifts, shop GroomStand.