Brides put their bridesmaids in those puffy pepto-pink dresses for a reason: so all the attention stays on her. After exploring the bad tux trends of the past four decades we're still unsure why grooms have such terrible taste. With GroomStand as your guide, pick a timeless penguin suit and fashionable groomsmen giftsto match. Rest assured, no one will laugh at your wedding photos years later.

The 1970's: Dawn of the Handlebar Mustache

In the 1970's grooms ventured beyond black and white. Granted, their chosen colors were questionable: baby blue and chocolate brown. But the sculpted handlebar mustache made all the bridesmaids swoon. Oh how we miss the 70's: the only decade in history where a man could wear ruffles and still be a man.

The 1980's: Sweet Satin Molasses

The wedding tuxes of the late 1980's were a cumulation of gleaming cumber buns, crooked bowties, and satin, satin, satin, with polyester mixed in. The hair was feathered and puffed like a rooster's crown. Men shaved their mustaches and grew mullets. And must we mention, mullets are the perfect 'do for weddings: it's all business in the front for the ceremony and party in the back for the reception.

The 1990's: Return of the Zoot Suit

Tired of the Miami Vice look, in the 90's, grooms tried on 20's fashion. It started with swing dancing and zoot suits. Hip flasks and cigar holders were the most popular groomsmen gifts. I can't blame grooms for ditching the wide, satiny cumber buns, and corny bow ties of the past. However, only certain guys can get away with a zoot suit. Pulling up in a PT cruiser with a vanity cane does not a mobster make. Put the zoot suit to rest and wait another 60 years before you resurrect it.

The Millennium: Grooms Go Casual

More grooms going the extra mile to show-off (or reclaim) their quirky personalities with zany socks and ties. Grooms also approach weddings more casually with khakis and dinner jackets instead of the classic tux. Does this more casual fashion mean that the penguin suit could become extinct? Not likely. As long as there's James Bond, the timeless black-and-white penguin suit will live to see another day. Pssst... women still think it's sexy.

Equip your groomsmen with the latest fashion accessories for groomsmen gifts before the Big Day. Choose a timeless tux and make sure your buddies look suave and stunning in your wedding photos decades later.