He's man's best friend, but is it OK for a dog to be your best man? Remember, this furry little friend is your roommate, dinning companion and nature exploring partner. He's always listening, and only interrupts when it's time to pee.

Maybe you've had your dog forever, or he was the first addition between you and the fiance. Either way, he's a big part of the family, and https://branddepot.com/collections/groomstand is here to help your pooch get in the wedding, with dog-friendly groomsmen gifts and few helpful tips.



Including your dog in the Wedding

So, the bride-to-be gave the OK. Now, consider how the dog will react to your wedding. Good questions to ask are: Will my dog attack or freak out any of the guests? Will the accommodations allow my dog to enter their building? Can my dog actually get through the wedding without drooling, biting or leaving his mark on anything wedding related?

Special helper to the dog

Since you'll be doing other things... like getting married and groomsmen gift shopping, you'll need to arrange a special helper to the dog. This can be a personal friend or a professional, but it's going to take a lot of time and practice to make sure the dog is comfortable in his role. This helper will be responsible for anticipating potential hazards like plants or loose objects, scouting out close and discreet bathroom spots, or he might have to stand in if your dog isn't cooperating at the moment.

Since this will take some effort and skill to make your best man look good, make sure you show your appreciation for your best buddy's helper with a well set of engraved cufflinks or other groomsmen gifts.

Wedding venue + dog = ?

Find out if your location is cool with a dog in the ceremony. It is common for churches or temples to put the kabosh on the four-legged friends, which means you'll have to be creative. One option is to have an outdoor activity, like a group picture before entering the building. You can also have a ceremonial wedding party walk that makes your dog the center of attention for one wedding activity.

Grooming the groomsman

Make sure you send your dog to your local pet groomer before the wedding. It's a good idea to keep the dog's wedding attire to a minimum, and easy to wear. A simple collar and bow tie will go a long way.

If your doggie is a good boy, make sure he has a steak with his name on it with GroomStand monogrammed steak brand.