If you keep up with our postings you'll know we try and preach a unique fanfare to your wedding and the planning of it, but something has come to our attention that brings us to another point. Something extremely necessary when being unique and pushing boundaries. That thing would be common sense. We all have it. Some of us don't use it all the time, or at all, but it is an important ability to develop correctly. When being unique you're able to be creative and have fun and put a little more of yourself into whatever task is at hand. Some rules for uniqueness? Your creativity shouldn't hurt anyone, it shouldn't increase your workload massively, unless you have the time and want for it, and it definitely, one hundred freaking percent, should not, under any circumstances, scare the bejesus out of people. Enter Chidi Ogbuta of Allen, Texas, who always wanted to have a doll modeled after her. So what's the next best thing to a doll in your liking? Apparently a wedding cake will suffice. This woman represents everything that is scary and bridezilla-ish about weddings. God help us when the last piece left to eat is that magical nether place...who's going to eat that piece? Guys, let this be a lesson. Creativity is great, but when it comes to groomsmen gifts, a little common sense and um...humility, doesn't hurt either.