Yahoo News (AP) SALT LAKE CITY 'S Take the wedding gifts back! A newlywed couple having just been married in Las Vegas were, um, enjoying their honeymoon in Salt Lake City when they apparently got into a heated argument and the groom apparently ran into her with his car, pushing her into a snowbank and breaking her leg. Yahoo News writes, "It wasn't the most romantic of honeymoons." That might be the understatement of the entire young wedding season. This guy didn't get heated and slap her with his hand, he instead gets red-faced and runs her down in his Chevy. Yahoo also noted that both have previous criminal records and are "well known to the sheriff's office." I bet they are. Here's to thinking that instead of this guy giving gifts to his wedding party, instead his groomsmen ought to get this poor sap a "How to Succeed in Life Without Killing Anybody" book 'S we think the groomsmen giving up their gifts is worth that. I'm not sure that book has been written yet, but if not, it should be and this guy should be first in line at the book signing. I've heard of a lot of crazy things, but running down your blushing new bride takes the cake for looniness.

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