What a great way to enjoy a great set of games. Talk about adding an interesting element to a game like chess which requires great mental fortitude, this extremely great looking Shot Glass Checkers and Chess Set groomsmen gift adds the looming threat of drinking a shot of booze at every wrong move. You have to choose wisely when looking for the right groomsmen's gifts and this game set is also a checkers set, so you can imagine after a good run of jumping around the board, pulverizing your opponent then watching him drink shot after shot of Jagermeister how ugly it could potentially get. I can hear it now. "Keen me I stunk yer battleship." Yeah...wrong game drunkie, but we get the point. I'm absolutely certain, that your intelligent groomsmen will be able to add some sort of strip element to the game when playing with their wives, girlfriends or both. There are certain things in life that just make good, solid sense, like having extra water and food on hand in California, owning a surfboard in Hawaii and having a checkers/chess set where the handsome glass components are shot glasses. On top of just having great function this handsome game piece would be a welcome addition to just about any game or coffee table in the house.

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