Operation: happy groom. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to get ready to walk down the aisle. Bonus points if you can find groomsmen gifts before finishing these five missions.

Mission One - Global Boys Only Bash Operation: Get out of town with the boys. Vegas, South Beach, Cancun, or any party destination. Take the liquor undercover with these camo flasks and equip your guys personalized pub signs or travel accessories as groomsmen gifts. Stat. Mission Accomplished: When you stagger back to the hotel room and are still talking about the trip months later. Mission Failed: If you get arrested or do anything outside the realm of good fiance behavior.

Mission Two - Groomsmen Clean Up Operation: Clean up your groomsmen before the wedding. Give your boys groomsmen gifts this shaving set or these grooming accessories as groomsmen gifts and give them the order to "scrub up." Mission Accomplished: When you have clean-shaven, dapper groomsmen by your side. Mission Failed: If anyone looks like "the Dude" from The Big Lebowski.

Mission Three - Be the Perfect Fiance Operation: Assist the bride. Don't let her carry the weight of the wedding on her shoulders. Help her with the seating charts, invitations, and anything on her "honey-do" list. The only materials you'll need for this mission is a winning personality and this perfect husband guide book. Mission Accomplished: A smiling bride. Mission Failed: If you make her shop for groomsmen gifts for your boys because you "never got around to it".

Mission Four - Schmooze with Future Father in Law Operation: Impress the father of the bride. Plan an outing, just the two of you. When shopping for groomsmen gifts, pick him up a personalized putter and take him to the local country club. Let him know how much you appreciate his daughter. Mission Accomplished: When he puts his hand on your shoulder and calls you son. Mission Failed: If instead of swinging the golf club at the ball, he swings it at your head.

Mission Five - Live Like you Never Lived Before Operation: Make a "bucket list" of things to do before your single life kicks the bucket. Use this blog as an example. Go cliff diving, jump out of a plane, or learn to hang glide. Walk around the house in your underwear and drink straight out of the milk carton. Play video games or poker with your friends until the sun comes up. Blog about your experiences as you complete each task. Mission Accomplished: When you're ready to say farewell to the single guy inside. Mission Failed: If you ever say, "Before I was married, I wish I would have ....."

Success! You completed our five missions and none ended in a trip to the hospital. Now that you're ready for marriage, shop Groom Stand for groomsmen gifts or pick up something to congratulate yourself for a job well done.