If you're a married man and run with single guys, expect some teasing when you get back from the honeymoon. Certain crew members might wonder why you'd rather spend time with the new wife than close out the neighborhood watering hole. Every guy has to adjust to married life and so do his friends. Keep them occupied with a few groomsmen gifts while you settle into married life. And start a regular guy's night wit these fun, wife-approved activities.

Combat Boredom with Camo Combat boredom by paint balling the days away! Adventurous and outdoorsy guys live for paint balling. Running through the woods, pretending to be GI Joe and giving friends welts with paintballs happens to be every guy's idea of a good time. Stock up on rustic groomsmen gifts like this pocket knife or personalized green camouflage flask and make paint ball your new weekend tradition.

Batters Up - Start a Softball League Remember those endless summer days when you played baseball until the sun went down? Maybe you were on a little league team or maybe you played with the neighborhood kids, like in the movie The Sandlot. Friendly competition never hurt anyone. Get involved with a formal league or start your own. Kick it off before the wedding with a baseball-themed groomsmen gifts like engraved baseball bats. Once you win the championship, congratulate your MVP with a custom bobblehead.

Get your Groomsmen Go-Karting Before you started thinking about girls, where did you spend Friday and Saturday night? For many guys, the answer is, "in a go-kart, of course!" If your boys have a need for speed, put down the Mario Kart and get them out on the track. Grown-up go-karts are much faster and more fun than the kiddie karts, plus there isn't a backseat driver telling you to slow down. And you can turn it into a competition with demolition derby challenges.

Just because you're married, doesn't mean you have to spend every night on the couch with your wife. Guy time doesn't have to end anytime soon. Now that it's settled, shop Groomstand for groomsmen gifts to go along with these activities.