What do you get when you have a dance floor, inebriated guests, and rockin' wedding songs? A hilarious wedding video! These wedding guests shimmied into Internet stardom with their awesome (and not so awesome) moves. Turn the music up, pop the popcorn, and get down with these hilarious wedding dances. Warning: after viewing, you might want to buy all your guys dance lessons as groomsmen gifts. Soul Train Splits The antics begin once the groom moves into the Soul Train. He has some old school moves and at one point breaks into his own rendition of the running man (a must at any wedding). Note: if you are going to attempt these moves, plan to stretch first. Hip Hop Hilarity These kids aren't even old enough to drink and they are breaking it down circa 1976. How does a kid under 12 learn the robot? Impressive. Show Stealer This time, it isn't a jealous bridesmaid that steals the bride's thunder, it is the groom. He gyrates to the music in a whirlwind of limbs, while she sways from side to side, obviously embarrassed. Hey, the groom might not be Kevin Bacon, but he is definitely footloose. Break Dance Surprise This bride and groom surprise their guests by stopping their romantic (see dull) first dance and breaking into an old-school break dance. Unfortunately the bride doesn't spin on her head, but this is definitely one entertaining wedding video. The Thrill of Thriller Nothing says wedding like a zombie bridal party. Although the Thriller dance has been done to death, this bridal party does an exceptional job replicating Michael Jackson's moves. Not an easy feat. Let's hope that these groomsmen received extra-special groomsmen gifts for spending all that time in rehearsal.

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